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Velez Legal Services, LLC is a boutique firm focusing on Domestic Law, Special Education, and Family Law Mediation.

As a family law practice, we handle a variety of domestic cases such as divorce, separation, alimony, property distribution, custody, and child support.   

Attorney Wendy Velez is a Certified Family Law Mediator who is also trained in Collaborative Law.  We can help you plan for your divorce in the most efficient and least adversarial ways possible.  As a firm that focuses on children, we strive to work with all parties as much as possible to do what is in the best interest of the children. 

However, at times when a strong advocate is needed, we don't back down.  We fight the good fight for our clients and work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals.  

Attorney Velez has extensive experience in advocating for children and parents as a former special education teacher. Caring for a child with special needs while working with school officials and sorting through the IEP process to ensure appropriate education services can be daunting. Writing, reviewing, and interpreting Individual Education Plans requires detailed attention and understanding of the educational and legal processes. We can help. 

Your advocate can assist you in understanding the legal rights to which your child is entitled, the responsibilities of the school system to provide an appropriate education, and the best way to obtain all the services your child needs to grow and learn. This doesn't always mean legal or court action. Rather, simply having an attorney by your side at meetings, appeals, hearings can offer you support and empowerment. We are prepared also to represent you and your child throughout any and all court procedures.

We also offer services to represent minors in school related disciplinary actions such as suspension and expulsion.  Our philosophy is that all children are precious and need the guidance and support of adults. Children deserve to be treated with respect and integrity even and especially when they make mistakes.

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